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Explore Fire Island


Considered to be among the most beautiful towns on Fire Island, the Village of Saltaire is known for its wide boardwalks, summer cottages and family-friendly activities.

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Fair Harbor

Fair Harbor, is known for being a family friendly community, complete with a bay beach, playground, pizza take out, and an ice cream parlor. 

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Dunewood is a planned community of 100 houses, and boasts one of the prettiest and cleanest bay beaches which is used primarily by families with young children.

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Lonelyville is the place to go if you're looking to get away from it all. The town is free from commercial traffic and development that typify the western part of Fire Island.

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The community of Kismet, Fire Island offers an unparalleled white sandy beach where you will find swimmers, boogey boarders, surfers and fisherman.

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